Criteria and Definitions

Migrant Family:
For purposes of establishing eligibility, a family with children under the age of compulsory school attendance who changed their residence by moving from one geographic location to another, either intrastate or interstate, within the preceding two years, for the purpose of engaging in agricultural work that involves the production and harvesting of tree and field crops and whose family income comes primarily from this activity.

Seasonal Farmworker Family:
A family who is engaged primarily in seasonal agricultural labor and who has not changed residences to another geographic location in the preceding two year period. Meets all other criteria for a Migrant Family as described above.

Grantee Agency:
This is the agency which has been awarded the grant to operate a Migrant Head Start program within a specified area. This area usually covers a state or region comprised of several states. Agreements are developed with other agencies to operate the program within or near their service area. Funds flow through the grantee agency to the delegate agency according to the terms of the agreement.

Delegate Agency:
Delegate agencies are selected, in part, because of their proximity to an identified need for a Migrant and/or Seasonal Head Start Program. Often these agencies operate an existing Regional Head Start program in the area and already maintain facilities which can be utilized for the Migrant or Seasonal Head Start program.

Grantee Agency Program

CAPCA Migrant Head Start administers the Migrant and Seasonal programs in Arkansas and southern Louisiana. The agency directly operates the site in Kensett, Arkansas and a second site in Amite, Louisiana.

Delegate Agency Programs

Child Development, Inc. (CDI):
The Migrant Head Start program is administered by CDI in southeast Arkansas through the site located at Dumas. This center also operates a full year Seasonal Head Start program.

Mississippi County Arkansas Economic Opportunity Commission (MCAEOC):
The delegate agency program MCAEOC maintains several sites for the Migrant Head Start program. Because of changing needs over a large service area, the number and location of sites may vary from year to year.

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